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How to Sell a Fire-Damaged Property in New Mexico?

Posted by Justin Tate // January 22, 2020

selling a fire damaged property new mexico

Fire can be destructive. We have seen the impact of the recent unfortunate fire accident in Australia. In the United States, the fire caused property damage worth $11.1 billion (2018). Each year, we report thousands of fire-damage incidents, and the statistics have remained unchanged for some years. Fire damage can be the result of an […]

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5 Signs You Should Not be a Landlord

Posted by Justin Tate // January 15, 2020

Why You Should Not be a Landlord

Being a landlord is not for everyone, even if the deal is profitable. Thousands have said real estate investing is a proven way to earn riches. You can get started with rental properties, and soon you’ll have a steady stream of passive income. The statement is true to some extent. However, experienced investors will agree; […]

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Tips for Hiring a Moving Service in New Mexico

Posted by Justin Tate // January 1, 2020

Tips for hiring a moving service in New Mexico

Moving a house can be stressful, especially, if it is your first-time. Our home is our comfort zone and it can be uncomfortable to move out of your house. New place, packing, and the moving experience can be a great adventure, but most people don’t enjoy that experience. Mostly, because it is overwhelming to do […]

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I have known Jenna and Justin for many years. They are friendly, reliable, and hard-working people. Their focus in their business is always putting the customer first. I highly recommend you work with them for your real estate needs!

Kyle K., Real Estate Agent


Justin and I have done business together since 2008. His dedication and problem solving skills have always impressed me. No matter how difficult the situation, he always takes the time to think things through in order to come up with the best solution. Whether your situation is simple or complicated, I believe Justin can provide the best solution for you.

Brian O., General Contractor

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