Best Neighborhoods in Albuquerque

Posted by Justin Tate // September 13, 2017

Best Neighborhoods in Albuquerque

Searching for the best neighborhoods in Albuquerque? It will not be an easy search. The city of Albuquerque is popular for its diversity. With over 50 areas packed with historical influences and architectural styles, you will see that each neighborhood has a few inherent qualities. When families migrate to Albuquerque, they face some important questions: […]

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How Will Driverless Cars Affect the Housing Industry?

Posted by Justin Tate // September 6, 2017

A few years ago, the concept of self-driving cars seemed like a fantasy. It was only a thought of fiction that cars will be able to drive themselves. Remember in a 2002 fiction movie, we saw that cars could fly. It was the world of magic. It is sad that the author did not know […]

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Moving to a New House: Make it Less Stressful for Kids

Posted by Justin Tate // August 30, 2017

Moving house make it less stressful for young kids

Saying goodbye is a hard time. Being adults, we understand that we must go. Sometimes, success lies outside of our comfort zone. When the time comes, we must make a move. However, how do you explain this to a 5-year old kid? What if you are moving with a 9-year old and an 11-year old? […]

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Albuquerque Market: Renting Vs. Buying

Posted by Justin Tate // August 23, 2017

The cost to rent is now exceeding the cost to buy.  Should you buy or rent? That is an important question. At one point or other, we all have to answer it. The truth is that there is no real answer. The answer depends on many factors including your savings, marital status, credit score, job […]

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Social Matters: Go Green in Your House

Posted by Justin Tate // August 16, 2017

Going green is a social responsibility that we all share. It is not just about saving money (although it is a byproduct), it is about each one us taking responsibility for the impact we have on our environment. When you adapt to green technology, you are not just reducing your bills, you are contributing to […]

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How to Find More Clients as a General Contractor?

Posted by Justin Tate // August 9, 2017

The world after certification is different. You are certified and trained to work in your area. You are ready to go, but then you realize that one important link is missing: Customers To begin your job, you are supposed to get clients. How do you do that? How do you find more customers for your […]

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Art and History: Predominant Architecture Styles in Albuquerque

Posted by Justin Tate // August 2, 2017

Pueblo Style House Image Credits Flickr

The History Speaks The history of architecture in Albuquerque goes back to the Paleo-Indian region. Legends tell the story of this period which remained buried until the late 19th century when an archaeologist discovered the physical remains. Eye-catching photos and stunning art drew many eyes toward them. Today, when people speak of Albuquerque, they talk […]

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We Buy Houses Albuquerque | Cash Home Buyers in New Mexico

Posted by Justin Tate // July 26, 2017

we buy houses albuquerque

We buy houses Albuquerque in any condition for any price. It does not matter whether your house is 150 years old or newly rehabbed. We will buy your house as-is and for a cash price. Contact us now to sell your house in as little as seven days. Economic Growth and Job Market The real […]

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How to Stop Property Foreclosure In Albuquerque, NM?

Posted by Justin Tate // July 19, 2017

In New Mexico, 99% of foreclosures are categorized under the “judicial proceedings” category. In rare cases, under the “deed of trust act,” a lender can force a non-judicial foreclosure. However, it rarely happens. So we have to deal with foreclosure laws, regulations and a step-by-step process when dealing with a property mortgage. Now there are […]

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We Buy Houses Albuquerque

Posted by Justin Tate // July 12, 2017

We Buy Houses Albuqerque. No Hassle, No-Repairs. Just Call Us At (505-445-4005) And Receive a Free 100% Cash Offer Welcome to the official blog of Heritage Home Solutions. Our firm buys, rehabs and sells properties throughout New Mexico focusing on the areas of Rio Rancho and Albuquerque. Heritage Home Solutions operates on the principles of […]

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