Inheriting a House that is Paid Off

Posted by Justin Tate // October 23, 2019

Inheriting a house that is paid off

Without a doubt, the most significant loss in the world is the loss of a precious life. Losing a loved one is always hard on the family. At the same time, the world is materialistic. Real-life demands your attention. You have to consider the wishes of the departed soul. Secure the will so the executor […]

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How are Real Estate Investors Changing the Housing Market?

Posted by Justin Tate // October 16, 2019

How real estate investors are changing the housing market

We have previously discussed how emotions drive the economy of a country. Economic progress depends on the investment sector. Investments in a sector are a positive indication and a sign of trust. That means the investor is hopeful about the future and they have faith in current market conditions. Market crashes when the terms are […]

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Tax Tips for Selling Your Albuquerque House

Posted by Justin Tate // October 9, 2019

How to get tax benefits when selling a house

You can receive tax benefits when you sell a home in New Mexico. Read this article to see how and when can you get the tax advantages. Capital Gains Tax Exemption You are eligible for this exemption as long as your property value is less than $250k, and you are selling a primary residence. The […]

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Reversion to the Means: What History Teaches Us About Real Estate?

Posted by Justin Tate // October 2, 2019

Reversion or regression to the mean is a widely-used term in the stock exchange. It is a rule that stock prices tend to go back to their long-term average. The principle is applied, not just to the stock exchange. The theory lends itself to various business & financial decisions. Disregarding the inflation; interest rates, home […]

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Instagram Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Posted by Justin Tate // September 25, 2019

Instagram marketing for real estate investors

Marketing on Instagram is a relatively new idea (in the real estate industry!). With over 500 million active users and almost 4.2 billion likes each month; Instagram is a network you cannot ignore. Many people think of Facebook as its counterpart, as Facebook owns Instagram. However, these two platforms operate on different algorithms, and their […]

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How to Be a Good Tenant? —5 Essential Tips

Posted by Justin Tate // September 18, 2019

how to be a good tenant

During your tenancy period, you’ll meet both good & bad landlords. You don’t have any control over the behavior of the other person. However, you can control your response. You can choose to be a kind, and responsible tenant. Renting a house is a great idea. You can explore a new area. You can make […]

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How to Be a Good Landlord? –4 Essential Tips

Posted by Justin Tate // September 11, 2019

Renting properties is the most common method of generating cash from real estate. Many people rent out houses to earn side-income. The role of a landlord is the most critical aspect of this equation. Real estate investors, property owners, and tenants understand how important is the role of a landlord. Cash flow occurs when a […]

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6 Red Flags to Avoid in Your Offer

Posted by Justin Tate // September 4, 2019

red flags to avoid in real estate offer

Ideally speaking, selling a home to a cash buyer should be easy and affordable. It’s a hassle-free option. As a seller, you can sell your home with ease; without thinking about repairs, commissions, delays or unwanted showings. It should be an easy process. However, that’s not always the case for buyers or sellers. Sometimes, it […]

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How Short Sales Work in New Mexico?

Posted by Justin Tate // August 28, 2019

How short sales work in New Mexico

Welcome back to the heritage home solutions blog. So far, we have discussed the qualification criteria for a short sale and the consequences of foreclosure. Whenever possible, prefer a short sale over a foreclosure because it allows you to buy a new home after the next two years. After a foreclosure, you won’t be able […]

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Eligibility Criteria to Qualify for a Short Sale

Posted by Justin Tate // August 21, 2019

Complete guide to short selling a property

A short sale is often considered an alternative to foreclosure. Although foreclosure & short sale are two different things, both events often go side by side. Banks don’t take short sale applications unless you are in the pre-foreclosure phase, which brings us to this topic. If the lender accepts your application, you can sell your […]

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