Important Real Estate Clauses You Need to Understand

Posted by Justin Tate // May 22, 2019

A contingency clause explains a condition or a situation that must become true before the contract can become binding. It also gives rights to both buyer & seller to back out of their contracts under certain circumstances. An agreement is formed to protect the rights of all parties involved. If you read a real estate […]

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How to Choose a Retirement Home/Community?

Posted by Justin Tate // May 15, 2019

Tips for buying a retirement home

Most of us start thinking about retirement in the early 60s or late 50s. Our little children grow up, leave the nest, and the big house doesn’t seem to serve the purpose anymore. Furthermore, our priorities change with time. For the past 20 years, maybe you have worked for the well-being of your children. You […]

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Avoid Scams When Working with an Investment Company

Posted by Justin Tate // May 8, 2019

Selling a house involves thousands of dollars, and the decision requires careful thought and analysis. The traditional route is to hire a real estate agent and seek his advice to sell the house. However, that option is available to you only if you can afford to pay the fees and wait for 3-6 months. In […]

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Pros and Cons of Buying a House with Cash

Posted by Justin Tate // May 1, 2019

how to do seller financing deals

It’s common to take a loan for buying your house. You get approved for a mortgage, and then you start searching for your home. Although mortgage financing is widely used, if you can afford, paying cash can be the best choice. If you can pay cash for your house (whether for a small house), you […]

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How Much Is My House Worth?

Posted by Justin Tate // April 24, 2019

What is the value of my home? This is the first question that comes to mind whenever we consider buying or selling a property. There are various ways to find the price of your house and this article will enlist most ideas. It is essential to note that: There is a minimum value of any […]

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We Buy Houses for Cash—Are these Companies Legitimate?

Posted by Justin Tate // April 17, 2019

Sometimes, it feels like, life is a series of never-ending responsibilities. The thought of sinking into more debt can be devastating. You have to pay the bills. Make ends meet and still strive for a better future. Maybe you incurred unexpected medical bills or you are struggling with a student loan. You know you need […]

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Tips for Selling a Vacant Property in Albuquerque

Posted by S.K. Andaleeb // April 10, 2019

Do you have an empty house and you want to sell it? It can be challenging to sell a vacant home when you have moved out. You are living elsewhere, and you cannot maintain the house. When you live in the home, you take care of the property regardless of your busy schedule. Bills are […]

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How to Sell an Inherited Property without a Will?

Posted by Justin Tate // April 3, 2019

Difficulties arise when a person leaves behind an estate, without a will. It can be challenging to find the heirs and distribute the estate because the will doesn’t exist. This article clarifies how can you inherit and sell a house if there is no document mentioning how the assets should be divided. How Does the […]

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FSBO Tips: Should You Sell Your Home without a Realtor?

Posted by Justin Tate // March 28, 2019

There is a debate going on. Should you sell the home by owner or should you consider hiring a realtor? It is a popular myth that selling home through an agent gives you a better ROI. According to NAR, realtor-assisted sale gives you 13%-32% more money. Well! That is a significant (crazy) difference. If that […]

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How Can I Sell My House for Cash?

Posted by Justin Tate // March 13, 2019

How do I sell my house for cash? What is the process? Should I sell my home for cash? This article will answer these questions in detail. Beginning…… Selling home for cash can be a convenient opportunity for the seller. After all, you are seeking a smooth transaction and what’s great then receiving funds within […]

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