Tips for Hiring a Moving Service in New Mexico

Posted by Justin Tate // January 1, 2020

Tips for hiring a moving service in New Mexico

Moving a house can be stressful, especially, if it is your first-time. Our home is our comfort zone and it can be uncomfortable to move out of your house. New place, packing, and the moving experience can be a great adventure, but most people don’t enjoy that experience. Mostly, because it is overwhelming to do […]

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Top Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Work with Investors

Posted by Justin Tate // December 25, 2019

Why real estate agents should work with investors

Real estate agents and investors can make up a great team. On the surface, it seems like our objectives are conflicting. Real estate investors are looking for below the market rates. As an agent, you may think that the deal is never good enough for the investor. RE investors are interested in both short & […]

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Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 in New Mexico

Posted by Justin Tate // December 18, 2019

Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 in New Mexico

Filing bankruptcy chapter 7 is often considered the last step in the situation. It differs from chapter 13 as it is the liquidation bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out your debts by selling your assets. In this article, we’ll discuss the process and the reason for filing bankruptcy chapter 7 in New Mexico. Why Should […]

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What Happens to the House if the Homeowner Dies?

Posted by Justin Tate // December 11, 2019

Losing a loved one is always hard for relatives. You have to deal with the trauma while at the same time, you have to deal with the intricacies of life. If the estate of the deceased person includes a house, the question is, what happens to the property. There are two options in this regard. […]

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Tips for Selling House Fast As-Is In New Mexico

Posted by Justin Tate // December 4, 2019

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your home fast? Sell it as-is without any repairs? Selling a home is a challenging task. Two things concern most people: Sales Price The time it takes to close the deal As a homeowner, your goal is to reduce the time it takes to sell the house, […]

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How to Make the Right Offer? Real Estate Lessons

Posted by Justin Tate // November 27, 2019

Investing in real estate is about location. It is a numbers game. You make money when you buy. These statements are valid, but they don’t convey the whole meaning. It might be true that real estate is a location business, but it’s more than that. Any business is a relationship business. A transaction based on […]

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Top Things to Know Before You Start Investing

Posted by Justin Tate // November 20, 2019

How to start an investment business

Real estate investing is a lucrative career. A popular way to generate steady income, create a passive income stream and avoid inflation rate. There are two myths about investing in real estate. The first one is that you need to be rich to start investing in real estate. The second one is that if you […]

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5 Signs that Indicate Strength of a Housing Market

Posted by Justin Tate // November 13, 2019

Signs that show strength of the housing market

It’s life. The only thing sure here is uncertainty. When we talk about real estate, we discuss the location. Location is everything. Real estate is a numbers game, and timing is essential. Spring is the best season for buying a property and the winter season is the worst for purchase. In this article, we’ll discuss […]

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How Social Media Is Affecting Property Business?

Posted by Justin Tate // November 6, 2019

Effect of social media on real estate

A decade ago, social media marketing was still new. Facebook sure got the attention, but it was considered more of a fun thing. Businesses were curious about the idea and the lifespan of these platforms. A few years later, few businesses adopted social media marketing and reported great results. If not revenue, you can generate […]

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Inheriting a House that is Paid Off

Posted by Justin Tate // October 23, 2019

Inheriting a house that is paid off

Without a doubt, the most significant loss in the world is the loss of a precious life. Losing a loved one is always hard on the family. At the same time, the world is materialistic. Real-life demands your attention. You have to consider the wishes of the departed soul. Secure the will so the executor […]

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