Complete Guide to Short Selling a Property in New Mexico–1

Posted by Justin Tate // August 14, 2019

how to do a short sale new mexico

Welcome to the Heritage Home Solutions website. We are back with another article series. In this series, we’ll discuss the “short sale process in New Mexico.” You’ll read the pros & cons of short selling a house. We’ll educate you regarding the process so you can put your best step forward when you negotiate a […]

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FSBO Marketing Tips and How to Negotiate Buyer’s Agent Commissions?

Posted by Justin Tate // August 7, 2019

Sell house by owner

Welcome to the 4th part of the FSBO series. In this article, we’ll discuss mandatory FSBO marketing strategies. So far, we have discussed, how can you prepare your home for sale. Now we talk about MLS publishing and other marketing strategies. Most of the time, a homeowner sells a house by owner because he wants […]

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The Legal Process of Selling a Home by Owner

Posted by Justin Tate // July 31, 2019

As a homeowner, you can choose to sell the home on your own. There are specific laws you need to follow. Rules & regulations vary from state to state, and you need to be familiar with the general sales process in your area. From a legal point of view, selling a home by owner is […]

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How to Make Your House Sellable? (Part 2 of the series)

Posted by Justin Tate // July 24, 2019

This article is a continuation of our FSBO series. Whenever you’re selling a house in the retail market, the first step is to update the house. You want the house to appeal to a broad audience. Ensure that people will like the property. It is our 2nd article of the series, and we’ll discuss basic […]

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Selling Your Property Without an Agent (Part-1)

Posted by Justin Tate // July 17, 2019

how to sell house privately

How to sell your house privately? FSBO listings have a bad reputation, primarily for two reasons. Statistics show that “for sale by owner homes” sell for less compared to agent-assisted sales. The saying goes that if you try to sell a home by owner, you’ll end up working with an agent. You will work hard […]

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Tips for Writing Your Property Description (Listings)

Posted by Justin Tate // July 10, 2019

how to write property description listing real estate

This article is a continuation of our real estate marketing series. It is a good read if you’re planning to sell home by owner. When you work with a real estate agent, the realtor will write your property descriptions. He’ll help you with marketing. Real estate agents have years of experience selling houses, and they […]

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Real Estate Photography Tips (3D Virtual Tours)

Posted by Justin Tate // July 3, 2019

real estate photography tips 360 virtual tours sell house fast

A photo is worth a thousand words. Then a 3D video tour must be worth an entire book! Thanks to drones, and the latest 3D technology, virtual tours are everywhere. A 360-degree virtual tour allows you to see a building as if you were visiting it in reality. You can view all the details, corners, […]

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Real Estate Photography Tips for Homeowners (Sellers)

Posted by Justin Tate // June 26, 2019

Selling a home is a blend of art and science. You got to prepare the house for sale. Embrace the latest marketing technology. Initially, the creation of the internet was responsible for sharing links and sensitive information, mostly through text. Later on, graphics and formatting were introduced. As for now, we see the crawlers can […]

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Realtor’s Section: Tips for Selling an Unsellable Property

Posted by Justin Tate // June 19, 2019

As a real estate agent, life is not always an easy game, and you know it. You meet difficult people who don’t listen to the advice you offer. They don’t trust you regarding the price or the marketing strategy. Other times, you’re listing a house that won’t sell. Either the house requires changes or the […]

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What is a Cash Out Refinance?

Posted by Justin Tate // June 12, 2019

You might be familiar with mortgage refinancing and recasting. There is a third financing type called the “cash out refinance.” A “cash out refinance” allows you to get a cash amount as well as a new mortgage. Let’s say; you have credit card debt worth $55k. That’s a considerable amount, and the interest rate on […]

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