How to Be a Good Tenant? —5 Essential Tips

How to Be a Good Tenant? —5 Essential Tips

how to be a good tenant

During your tenancy period, you’ll meet both good & bad landlords. You don’t have any control over the behavior of the other person. However, you can control your response. You can choose to be a kind, and responsible tenant. Renting a house is a great idea. You can explore a new area. You can make your journey a great one if you maintain a great relationship with your landlord, and that requires becoming a great tenant.

Tips for Becoming a Great Tenant

Understand the Lease

You sign a contract so all parties can avoid confusion. Don’t agree if you don’t understand the terms of the agreement. Read the lease properly and ensure that you can follow the words.

Some landlords will impose restrictions such as:

  • No pet allowed
  • You cannot play loud music
  • You cannot form communities or associations

These clauses are in the contract for a reason. Don’t ignore them. If you have a pet then probably working with that landlord is not going to benefit you.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Is there a restriction on the number of people who could live in the house?

If so, later on, if the landlord finds out uninvited people in your house; it won’t be a pleasant surprise.

Honesty is the best policy for the landlord, tenant relationship. A good landlord should be honest with you regarding the noisy neighbors or any issues with the property. Similarly, you should disclose anything that could affect the landlord or the property. Be honest about your pets and family members.

In a competitive market, it can be challenging to find an excellent rental property. It’s tempting to twist the truth so that you can get into the house. However, if you’re looking for a long-term partnership then it’s best not to hide the fact.

Treat the Place Like Your Home

You are going to spend some time in that area. You’ll be building memories. In every sense of the word, rental property is a home. It may be a temporary residence, but it’s a home.

As a tenant, the worst you can do is damage the property. On the contrary, the best thing is to take care of the property like it’s your home. That involves:

  • Keeping the area clean
  • Tackling minor repairs & maintenance tasks
  • Cleaning the shared area
  • Treating neighbors with respect and kindness

Submit Maintenace Requests on Time

Delaying repairs only cost money later. If there is an issue with the heating/cooling system or plumbing fixture; inform the landlord before it is too late.

Landlords appreciate smooth communication.

On the same note, don’t bother the landlord with every minor detail. We all have neighbors who may do something to our disliking. As a part of a community, we ignore those things or guide the other people about our schedule. Having said that, if there is something serious (or more disturbing), call the manager and tell them that you’re having an issue in the community. Open communication helps you avoid unnecessary conflict & drama.

Pay Your Rent On Time

Good tenants pay their rent in a timely fashion. Before signing the contract, ask yourself, can you afford that place?

Your rental payments should be affordable. Ideally speaking, rent should not make more than 30% of your monthly income. If you can afford the payment, it’s best to pay the rent before the due date. Your landlord should never have to call about late payments. This step doesn’t seem essential, but paying the rent on time is the known way to build a long-term relationship with the landlord.

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