I Need to Sell My Mobile House Park

I Need to Sell My Mobile House Park

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Interested in selling your mobile house park? Heritage Home Solutions can help you. We’re cash buyers in NM, and we’re interested in purchasing manufactured home communities. Click here to see how our process works and learn how soon we can buy your home for a fair cash price.

How We Buy Mobile House Parks in NM?

Step-1: Contact us and tell us about the park you want to sell. When contacting us, please tell us about the primary characteristics, such as the location, size, and the number of lots. Our team will contact you in the next 24-48 hours to discuss the details. If you need to sell fast or need help immediately, please give us a call so we can get started right away.

Right now, we’re not buying individual mobile homes, but if you need help with a mobile home, you can still contact us. Our team will refer you to a buyer who purchases mobile homes in your area.

Step-2: Let’s discuss the details. What’re your expectations, and when you want to sell the house? We’ll take the details home to research a fair cash price offer for the mobile house park. Our team will review the condition and the occupancy rate to come up with a fair price offer. Don’t worry as it won’t take much time, and we’ll only present you with a reasonable price. Once done, we’ll forward you the cash offer.

Step-3: The 3rd step is to discuss the timeline. We can close whenever you’re ready. Our legal team will deal with the paperwork, and a closing company will manage the transaction. On the closing day, we’ll transfer the cash, so you don’t have to experience any delays.

It’s simple like that. We can buy your mobile house park in a short timeframe of 10-14 days. We’re here to assist you. Whether you’re tired of being a landlord or are planning about next investment ventures, you can count on us for a fast sale of your mobile house park.

Perks of Selling to Heritage Home Solutions

  • Avoid 3rd party brokers and agents. Deal directly with the buyer, so you can get the fairest price for the manufactured community you’re selling.
  • Sell fast regardless of the number of lots, condition, or the occupancy rate.
  • Talk to a team that’s local and is interested in helping you in any way possible.
  • Be done with it fast. You can close in just a few days, and move on with your life.

Selling a mobile house park is entirely different from selling a residential property. We’re local investors, and we understand your pain points. Rest assured that we can get you a fair price and we’ll buy the park on your timeline.

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