Instagram Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Instagram Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Instagram marketing for real estate investors

Marketing on Instagram is a relatively new idea (in the real estate industry!). With over 500 million active users and almost 4.2 billion likes each month; Instagram is a network you cannot ignore. Many people think of Facebook as its counterpart, as Facebook owns Instagram. However, these two platforms operate on different algorithms, and their audience are diverse. In this article, we’ll discuss a bit of theory and some tips to help you market your business on Instagram.

Fun & Beautiful

More than anything Instagram is a beautiful platform. Breathtaking shots of nature, amazing interior of luxury houses, live tours, and food photos are just some aspects of this platform. Since it is a highly visual social media network, connecting with followers is more fun. You don’t have to write so many words. You don’t have to share news or even tell a story. It’s all in images, and if your images are interesting, the journey will be fun for you and the viewer.

Interest-Based Content

On Facebook, you have connections. Your timeline develops because of your links. Instagram, on the other hand, prefers interest over relationships.

If you have an interest in food items, your main page will be full of interesting cooking ideas and food expert recommendations. If you’re into real estate, then be ready to jump into an exciting world that updates you regarding interior designs, curb appeal ideas, cleaning hacks, and even open house platforms.

For real estate investors, Instagram marketing can provide impressive results because users are more engaged here. If you’re rehabbing houses, go over to this social media, to post the after & before pictures. That’ll surely create some buzz for your upcoming property.

Instagram Captures the Young Audience

Depending on your market segment, Instagram may not be the right tool. Right now, 64% of Instagram users are between 18 and 34 years.

That’s also a key difference between the users of Instagram and Facebook. If Facebook is the culture, Instagram is the live fashion show.

Let’s say you are visiting a stunning place full of natural beauty. You’ll take photos. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ll share pictures with your friends, and you’ll write about the experience on your timeline.

However, if you’re an Instagram user, you’ll jump right into the platform with a live video of yourself. Your photos don’t need stories. All you need to do is to find a hashtag.

If you are a real estate coach, Instagram marketing can be the right choice. You can share live videos while you’re working with students, and when you are guiding a house rehab project.

Instagram is free event marketing for realtors, investors, and anyone engaged in the real estate business.

Hashtags Can Create Impressive Results

Still not convinced?

Let me introduce you to the hashtags. If marketing on another platform seems like too much work, consider taking your current content and translating it onto Instagram. Post your photos and tag them with popular (suggested) hashtags. Just by doing that, you’re giving the content, the chance to have another life. It also helps with SEO as hashtags work like keywords.

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