Real Estate Photography Tips (3D Virtual Tours)

Real Estate Photography Tips (3D Virtual Tours)

real estate photography tips 360 virtual tours sell house fast

A photo is worth a thousand words. Then a 3D video tour must be worth an entire book!

Thanks to drones, and the latest 3D technology, virtual tours are everywhere. A 360-degree virtual tour allows you to see a building as if you were visiting it in reality. You can view all the details, corners, and features of the house. Real estate agents prefer this type of photography as it can help you achieve a fast sale of your home.

  • Properties with VR (Virtual Reality) tours receive 95% more mobile traffic.
  • Prospective buyers love this type of marketing as it helps them visit the house without ever stepping in. It saves time, and the buyer can explore the area without feeling pressurized. In an actual viewing, the presence of the owner & the realtor can distract the buyer.

If you’re listing a multi-million-dollar property, your agent will surely hire a real estate photographer to produce a stunning 3d tour of your house. However, what works for a million-dollar house can also work for a $300k home. In this article, we’ll share tips so you can create a 360-degree virtual tour of your home on your own. We start with the equipment.

The Ricoh Theta S Camera

Professional real estate photography equipment comes at a cost. It’s not surprising to see a $4,000 camera. The tool is expensive because it involves the latest technologies, and it is used in marketing campaigns that in turn, bring thousands of dollars.

For our purpose, we thought of Ricoh Theta S camera that costs you $300. It comes with two lenses and sensors. For homeowners, $300 is a lot of money. However, we did the research and found that a quality real estate 360 tour can cost you $250 without editing. That price doesn’t include HD images of your house. The cost varies from property to property, but in this scenario, spending on a camera might be a wise investment. After selling the home, you can use the camera to capture memorable moments with your family. You can consider calling a local real estate photographer to see if he can provide you an affordable package or perhaps renting the camera might be an available option.

This article is a continuation to our previous blog. I will suggest you follow the essential tips, i.e., de-clutter and clean your house. Dedicate some time, and let’s begin. You’re going to use a 3d camera. That means, if your eyes can see hidden details, the camera will see them too. Clear up any mess in the area and make sure that the entire room is clean before beginning the photography.

Set Your Tripod

Smooth movement is required in a virtual tour. Nothing looks more amateur than a shaky clip. If you cannot balance the camera, use your tripod, and let the camera do its work.

Choose a Time

For best photography, you want as much natural light as possible, but don’t start shooting at the beginning of the day. In the morning, there is too much light that will add whiteness to your photos. The best time for a photography session is at dusk. The light is warm & inviting, and won’t add white marks to your photos.

Manage the Shutter Speed

Shutter speed affects the amount of light that enters your camera. In sharp light, use low shutter speed, so the camera gets less light exposure. Similarly, in less light or dark area, increase the shutter speed to get good bright photos.

Manage the Light

Ricoh Theta S camera doesn’t have a built-in flashlight. So, you need to ensure that there is enough light before photography.

Another thing to remember is that light varies from area to area. Your living room may have more sunlight, whereas the bedroom might rely on led bulbs. You need to manage that scene for a proper photoshoot.

Shoot Different Views

A professional virtual tour has a rhythm. The direction doesn’t change abruptly, and the viewer can notice all the details.

For your session, you can try all four directions. Go for:

  • Floor to ceiling
  • Left to Right
  • Ceiling to floor
  • Right to left

See which view works best for you. You can always zoom in and zoom out of a given area as you may see fit. Shoot 5-10 seconds clip and introduce an interval between them. It will help with editing and ensures that you get clear videos.

At this time, learning about 3d virtual tours may seem like an obstacle. You don’t want to spend extra money and time learning this technology and then creating the tour. Although the process seems challenging, the results can be useful. You won’t have to handle unnecessary showings or client questions. Your listing will get more views, and ultimately, your house will sell fast in the retail market. This technique is recommended if you’re selling by owner as well as when you’re listing home with an agent.

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