Real Estate Photography Tips for Homeowners (Sellers)

Real Estate Photography Tips for Homeowners (Sellers)

Selling a home is a blend of art and science. You got to prepare the house for sale. Embrace the latest marketing technology.

Initially, the creation of the internet was responsible for sharing links and sensitive information, mostly through text. Later on, graphics and formatting were introduced. As for now, we see the crawlers can process images, videos, and even voice. If you look at the trends, the use of the internet has changed the real estate industry like never before.

The industry itself hasn’t yet adopted the latest technologies, but since our audience is the Millennials generation, we do have to use the newest marketing strategies. That applies to you as well. If you are a homeowner looking to sell your house, I will strongly suggest that you look at all internet marketing options. Give your home a stunning makeover, competitively price your house, market your property, and be ready for a fast sale.

For this purpose, we are developing an article-series to help you market your house in the retail market. We begin with real estate photography. In the upcoming posts, we’ll discuss real estate video tours (virtual tours), and how can you define the best selling features of your house.

DIY Real Estate Photography Tips

A Good DSLR Camera

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their phone camera will capture beautiful photos of their properties. That’s wrong.

No matter how good your phone is, it’s not going to produce fantastic results.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and the first thing a buyer sees is often the picture. Invest in a quality DSLR camera and get a wide-angle lens. You don’t have to spend too much money. If budget is an issue, you can rent out a quality DSLR camera with the lens, or you can find a cheaper alternative on Chinese sites such as Aliexpress. You can find quality products there at a fraction of the cost.

Just a side note, don’t go for a replica product. Choose original Chinese brands which cost less and should get you amazing results. Furthermore, a full-frame digital camera is a good option but go for a wide-angle lens.

Next, you need a good tripod stand. A tripod stand gives you professional & balanced photos. Expert photographers suggest that you complete your toolkit with a wide-angle lens, DSLR camera, and tripod stand. After that, you can play with technical matters like a hundred ISO (Sensibility of the Sensor) should work. For most people, an excellent wide angle lens on a crop sensor will produce great results.

Landscaping Orientation

Good photography doesn’t alter the state of your home. Instead, it shows your home, as the human eye, will see it. For this reason, landscaping orientation gives a more pleasing view to the eye.

Define the Best Features of Each Room

Each room in the home serves a particular purpose. There are highlights of each section. When taking photographs, you want to assign a job to each room and focus on its best features.

For example, spaciousness, light, storage, and decorations can be the selling point of a given area. Grab your camera to capture that point of view.

Add Colors to Your Photographs

When selling a house, it’s best to use neutral paint shades. You want your home to appeal to a broad audience. However, neutral colors make your photos dull. You’ll need to add some colors to capture quality photos.

You can go for colorful decorations, curtains, or furniture to get sharp pictures of the house.

Don’t Go Overboard with Editing

Sometimes, a camera doesn’t capture the beauty like the human eye. So, we have to edit our pictures slightly to get a better shot of our homes.

However, you want to show reality. Don’t give a distorted view of reality by too much editing. Doing so will kill the deal when prospective homebuyers visit your home.

Take Various Pictures

A decent photoshoot takes time. Period.

You are not going to take the perfect shot in the first try. It’s going to take some time. You might need to capture several photos of each room. Then analyze the pictures and only post the best one online. It’s best to dedicate 3-7 days for photography if you are planning to capture the images yourself.

During this time, the house should be clean & clutter-free — no soaps, towels, and cleaning equipment in the kitchen or bath. The bedroom shouldn’t have clothes, makeup accessories, or anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of a ‘bedroom.’

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