Sell Your House Fast in 3 Simple Steps

Sell Your House Fast in 3 Simple Steps

sell your house fast in New Mexico

Want to sell your house fast? Searching for the best way to sell your house in NM?

Generally speaking, there are three ways to sell a house fast in Albuquerque. You can choose to list on the MLS, you can decide to sell by owner, or you can choose a direct sale. Which way is the best?

This article is all about the answers. We’ll compare the pros & cons of each option, and we’ll educate you about the numbers so you can make the right decision.

Sell a House by Owner

Luxury houses are sold this way. A real estate agent can do less with a limited market segment. How many houses worth $5million sell each year? Fewer compared to homes that come below the $500k mark.

Luxury houses target specific buyers. Most often, it’s possible to find a buyer without listing on the MLS. Of course, you need to market the house, but a conventional listing is less helpful.

The same is right about damaged houses. Real estate agents can’t sell a place in the retail market if the property needs extensive repairs. It doesn’t benefit to list such a home. It would be best to sell for cash or choose FSBO.

MLS Listings

A significant portion of real estate listings consists of houses that are advertised on the MLS. You’ll see homes that are priced close to the median & average values.

When you list on MLS, your advertisement is seen by hundreds of realtors (each of whom can bring a buyer). The ad is copied to online portals, and you can attract potential visitors. With good marketing, you can expect to sell your home in a few weeks.

Sell Your House Fast for Cash

From a marketing point of view, MLS is a good tool, but not all houses qualify for an MLS listing. Your real estate agent can’t help if:

  • Your home has structural issues
  • The property hasn’t been maintained or repaired for years
  • The house is in probate
  • Your home is in the pre-foreclosure phase
  • You want to sell your house fast in a few days

MLS listings are best suitable for properties with appeal and presence. Individuals are searching for places that need the least customization. Most people prefer ready-to-move homes. During the negotiation process, the house needs to pass the inspection test. The bank will appraise the property to verify the sale price. Before signing a contract, your realtor will analyze the house to see whether it qualifies for a retail sale. If not, you’ll need to prepare the home before it can be listed.

In some cases, you can repair/renovate the house. You can update the entire structure before listing the home. In other cases, it’s not possible to do that. Maybe you’re relocating, have to sell fast; the house is in foreclosure or probate. Listing on the MLS is not a good idea in such situations because you can’t achieve a retail price for the home. On top of that, you’ll need to wait for weeks and pay for commissions and closing costs.

While you can’t list your home on the MLS, you can sell your home for a fair cash price. Yes, without advertising the house, you can sell to a professional cash buyer in 3-steps. Here is how it works:

Step1: Reach out to a professional cash buyer. Heritage Home Solutions LLC is a local cash buying firm in New Mexico. Whatever is the issue, we can help you with the sale of your home.

Step2: Once we receive some details, we’ll work on the numbers. Our team would like to see your home. We want to know which repairs/renovations are needed to make your home sellable. Our team will consider the values of comparable properties in the neighborhood. Our goal here is to give you the fairest price for your property. You can do the calculations yourself, and we’ll guide you. Once the research part is complete (usually within 24 hours), we’ll send you a no-obligation, fair cash offer.

Step3: Unlike working with an agent, you’re not bound to work with us. Submitting your information doesn’t create a contract. You’ll receive a cash offer with exact numbers and terms. You can take the offer, ponder upon it, discuss and then decide what’s best for your family. As in all cases, our team is here to guide you. We’ll review the information and will let you know if a retail sale is better for you. However, we can buy your house for a cash price if you’re interested in a hassle-free process.

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