Tips for Hiring a Moving Service in New Mexico

Tips for Hiring a Moving Service in New Mexico

Tips for hiring a moving service in New Mexico

Moving a house can be stressful, especially, if it is your first-time. Our home is our comfort zone and it can be uncomfortable to move out of your house. New place, packing, and the moving experience can be a great adventure, but most people don’t enjoy that experience. Mostly, because it is overwhelming to do all the work. The good news is that a professional moving company can make your job easier. It can feel comfortable to move to your new house.

Millions of people in the US move each year, and it is a miracle that we don’t hear thousands of bad stories. That means, most of the time, the journey is a smooth one, but we still want to contribute this article to help you choose the best moving company in New Mexico.

Complete Walkthrough of the Inventory

Let’s start with the basics. A reputable mover will visit your house, and they will get details of the moving inventory. Experienced people will be interested in the stuff that you want to move. They know that you’ll not be bringing certain items with you or might be buying new furniture items for the new place.

You Get a Detailed Contract

An experienced mover will not throw a number out of the blue. They will give you a detailed overview of the cost, the process of moving the inventory. There are three types of contracts that outline the price and insurance values.

  1. Non-binding estimate: You’ll be charged no more than 10% of the original quotation. Extra services will be paid separately.
  2. Non-binding to exceed estimate: That type of contract states that your current quote is the maximum you’ll be charged for the agreed-upon services.
  3. Binding estimate: It is not an estimate, but a guaranteed price for the services discussed in the contract. If you request additional services, the dues must be paid within 30 days of the delivery.

Protection of Your Inventory

Moving companies assume the liability of your assets in two ways. You can have one of the two plans to protect your goods. The most common setup is the “alternate level of liability.” Under this plan, the mover is liable for a maximum of 60 cents per pound. That means, if a large basin is destroyed during the move, the company might pay you a few dollars to compensate for the loss. Having said that, moving companies in New Mexico do not charge you additional fees for this type of plan. You’ll be requested to check a small box in the contract regarding this insurance plan.

If you are moving expensive items or you need improved service, you can choose the full replacement protection. You’ll need to pay an extra fee. However, under this plan, the mover is responsible for the complete replacement of any damaged products. The company will replace the product with the same quality/type or they’ll pay you the replacement amount.

Unless you have requested unpacking, it pays to open each box after the delivery and check for any signs of damage. Most probably, you’ll have nine months to report any claims of the broken/damaged goods. However, it’s best to take action earlier.

Mover’s Written  List

You and the moving company’s representative should have a list of the complete inventory that they are moving. It would be best to request this list on the moving day before beginning to avoid any confusion.

You can also keep a hard copy of the estimate that is given to you. It is not necessary, but keep a copy with you, whether on your phone or in a physical folder.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. Our team can provide you with recommendations of the top moving companies in New Mexico. We are here to help you if you need any real estate questions answered.

About the Company:

Heritage Home Solutions is a real estate solutions company based in New Mexico. We buy properties throughout New Mexico and associated areas. Our aim is to help making selling easier for homeowners. When selling to us, you don’t have to worry about property repairs, commissions, or delays. We’ll buy your home as-is, and we can even arrange a moving service to make your transition a smooth one.

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