Tips for Selling Your House during Pandemic

Tips for Selling Your House during Pandemic

tips for selling your home during coronavirus pandemic

Planning about selling your home?

How are you going to do it? Will, you re-list your home on the MLS, or are you going to wait for the market to improve? What about the pricing structure? If you sell now, is it going to get you more money, or are you expecting property prices to go down?

When stay-at-home orders were issued, many of us wondered whether we were stuck with a property that we were about to sell. Many of us were planning to buy as the spring season was approaching us.  However, the Coronavirus outbreak halted our plans, and now we are back to level-1 planning about our properties.

Selling Your House During/After Pandemic

 If you want to buy or sell a home, you need to know that rules have changed.

During the last few weeks, we had to stay in our homes. We have been working from home while dealing with the challenge of teaching our kids. The situation has changed buyer and seller’s preference regarding their home. We now have a different view of our health style, professional responsibilities, and personal relationships.

Single-Family Homes Are Being Preferred

Pricing remains an issue, but it is expected that customers will prefer investing in single-family homes. Self-isolation is much more convenient when you’re the only family residing in that building. Multifamily properties remain attractive because of their amenities, green space, and affordable range, but it seems like the prices will go up.

Condo management will need to plan more common yet private spaces. Every household needs separate laundry, and for common areas, organizations must schedule cleaning & disinfecting activities regularly at different intervals. That need for extra care will create a healthier environment, but it’ll result in an additional cost for homebuyers.

Home Staging is Mandatory

When searching for a house, people want to see the interior. Given the circumstances, prospective buyers would avoid entering the home unless it is their final choice. You can help buyers by providing a professional video tour of your property.

It would help if you staged your home because a vacant or cluttered home can never impress buyers, especially when you’re making a movie.

Extra Space for Meditation

Planning to renovate your home? Add a room or corner for meditation too!

Privacy is desired when everyone is living in the same space, 24/7. We need a private space to focus on ourselves or personal activities. If you can add a small room for that purpose, it will increase your chances of selling your home.

On the same note, the home office is becoming an important feature. People prefer working from home, and for many people, a private workspace is a mandatory part of their lifestyle. Again, if you’re planning to renovate, you can add workspace to boost your home value. When arranging office space, make sure that the room receives natural light and has enough storage space.

Take All the Precautionary Measures

We don’t know how long the situation will continue. Protect your family and yourself before anything else. You’ll need to disinfect the house after every visit and request buyers not to touch surfaces or doorknobs unnecessarily.

If you want to sell your home for a fair price, contact us for a cash quote. We buy houses in New Mexico, and we can buy yours without even entering the premises. You can send us a video tour of your property. We’ll pay cash based on the market value of your property. Furthermore, we’ll buy your home as-is without charging you anything extra or commissions. You won’t even have to pay your closing costs. If you’re stuck with a house and are interested in a convenient process, please give us a call and let us buy your home.

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