Water Damage Albuquerque: How to Sell Your House?

Water Damage Albuquerque: How to Sell Your House?

Heavy rain, flood, or a burst pipe can cause water damage in your house. It’s one of those things that happen without an invitation. The next morning, you walk in your basement, and everything is soaking in water. It’s a stressful situation, and it becomes a serious concern if you were planning to sell your house or have listed it already. How do you deal with this problem?

Let the water stay for a while, and it starts damaging the floor, roof, furniture, and anything else that comes in the way. You have options depending on the budget, timeframe, and your motivation to sell your house.

Act Fast, and Take Precautionary Measures

If you have an active insurance plan, you’ll need to call your insurance agent. Protect yourself first. Wear protective gloves, waterproof shoes, and masks. Now start documenting the loss and the damage caused by the water issue. You might want to take pictures or make a video that can be sent as a proof to the insurance agent.

Second, you need to take away all the furniture and other items in the wet area. Turn on fans and maybe call the local water damage restoration company. If you can get a dehumidifier, use it in dark places and the basement. That’ll dry the room quickly and will prevent mold growth.

Get an Estimate to Sell a Water Damaged House

Before you can sell the house, you’ll need to fix the issue. What is the cost? Hopefully, it will cost you under a few hundred dollars. Mostly you’ll need to set the root issue (from where the water came) and restore the house by using paint and minor repairs.

The real problem starts when the water damage remains hidden for several days. Maybe you were on vacation, a pipe burst, and no one knew about it until you came. That’s when you have to deal with mold growth, harmful bacteria, and structural damage.

There is damage that’s not visible to your eye. Please call a local contractor in your area so they can give you an estimate for the repairs required. Sometimes, It’s best to get three quotations to know you’re getting the fairest price.

Once you know the cost of repairs, you can decide whether you want to sell as-is or would like to make the repairs. As per the local law, before you sell, you need to disclose any issues with the house. Please stay away from contractors or anyone else who suggests painting the house to hide the problem. Hiding the situation can get you penalized. Buyers will know about the issue as soon as they hire a property inspector.

Repairing a Water Damaged House

Ask your contractors to continue with the work and, once done, request a contractor’s warranty. Even after the house is repaired, water-damage can be a red flag for prospective buyers. You want to assure them that everything has been fixed properly. You might want to invest in property inspection and forward the report to the buyer’s agent.

In some cases, it can get expensive to repair a water-damaged house. If repairs are unaffordable and you don’t want the hassles, you can choose to sell your house fast for cash. You can work with a cash buyer like Heritage Home Solutions.

At Heritage Home Solutions LLC, we’ll buy your home as-is. You can avoid the potential costs, hassles, and delays. Instead, you can be done with the house while we pay you a fair cash price. If you’re interested in selling your water-damaged home, please click here. Our team will forward you a cash offer within the next 24 hours of receiving your information.

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